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Which job can help you earn lifetime benefits, employ you to protect your country and even provide the means to travel the world? In the United States Navy, enlisted personnel are not only offered valuable skills and training to enhance their life as a soldier, such training may also provide opportunities to see different countries and bond with sailors through service enlistment periods. Here are several ways the United States Navy positively affects your life:

Getting Started

Once you have met with a Navy recruiter, you will have a checklist of what you can expect from your time of service in the United States Navy. This includes information on the many career options and requirements before being admitted into the Navy. Each soldier must meet requirements on:

• Age
• Citizenship
• Education
• Drug/Alcohol Policies
• Medical/Legal/Moral Standards

Once the requirements have been met, each soldier is then sent to MEPS, or Military Entrance Processing Station, where they are given an aptitude test, also known as the ASVAB. The United States Navy also offers a Delayed Entry Program (DEP), which allows a soldier to finish paperwork and be processed in, without needing to report for active duty for up to one year.

What to expect

During time in the United States Navy, expect to be taught valuable life skills, as well as discover how to work as a team. Becoming a soldier begins in Boot Camp, which lasts for 8 weeks. After that, each soldier becomes skilled for his or her particular career path. During time in the Navy, you can also expect to travel to many different ports around the world and experience firsthand the different cultures the earth has to offer. The Navy also works to instill Core Values into each sailor, which is Honor, Courage, and Commitment so that character and confidence are inherited, and teamwork becomes natural.

Life After the Navy

Once the contract is up, there are a few options to choose from. If staying in the Navy is the best option for you or you just love life as a sailor, re-enlisting or joining the reserves can be a great decision. By joining the Navy Reserve, you can:

• Receive a Sign on Bonus
• Use the GI Bill for college
• Learn new skills for the future
• Earn points toward a retirement

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