Top Medical Careers in the Navy

Medical careers in the Navy are among the most popular for many reasons. Before getting into the finer details, take a look at these statistics: more than 4,300 doctors in the Navy; more than 3,900 nurses; and roughly 1,200 dentists.

If you are not interested in hands on care, consider one of many administrative career paths. There are more than 2,500 administrative specialists working on everything from research to office support and much more.

No matter your role, the first step in landing a medical career in the Navy is to learn more about the enlistment process.

Navy Medical Job Benefits

Have you decided that a Navy medical job is best for you? The following benefits will suit you well:

  • Ability to attend Officer Development School, not Boot Camp
  • Work with some of the top medical professionals in the world
  • Use state of the art equipment
  • Support the Navy at home and abroad

Featured Navy Medical Careers

As mentioned above, there are a variety of Navy careers to choose from. No matter your chosen career path, you will care for and support Navy sailors and their families.

Medical Corps

As a military doctor your role in the Navy will never be taken for granted. Along with the ability to pursue your passion, you can do what is best for your country.

There are more than 30 specialty areas of medicine. Which one are you going to practice in the United States Navy?

Dental Corps

Navy dentists are every bit as important as doctors. In addition to working for your country, you never have to worry about the finer details associated with managing a private practice. Instead of dealing with insurance companies and collecting payments, you can focus 100 percent on patient care.

Every Navy Dental Corps Officer can choose one of 13 specialties to ensure that they fully enjoy their position.

Nurse Corps

Nurses are in high demand, both at civilian facilities and in the Navy. As a nurse, you will become part of the Navy Health Care team. Your responsibilities are the same as nurses in a civilian setting.

With the ability to choose from more than 10 specialties, Navy nurses can get on the right career path in no time at all.

Medical Service Corps

This team is made up of thousands of specialists. There are more than 22 specialties to choose from – some of which include direct patient care.

The four main categories of the Medical Service Corps include: Health Care Administration, Health Care Sciences, Clinical Care Providers, and Medical Support.

Becoming part of the Navy Health Care team is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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  1. Kinoo  August 23, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    Good day! I am a Registred Nurse and interested to get a Navy Medical Job, as a Nurse Corps. What are the qualifications/requirements? Please reply. Thanks!

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