Technology and the Navy

Are you tech savvy? Do you enjoy working with computers and similar equipment? The United States Navy has access to the most advanced equipment in the world. If you are looking for a job in your desired field, while also doing something that benefits your country, it is worth your time to at least consider joining the Navy.

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From detecting enemy radar signals to operating and maintaining satellite and computer systems, technology professionals in the Navy have access to advanced equipment and so much more. Those involved with this career field carry many responsibilities. If you enjoy technology you will enjoy working in this capacity.

Which field is best for me?

You have many options. Before you enlist in the Navy and decide on a career path, compare your interests to available positions. Below are several fields, all of which have a lot to do with technology.

Computer Science

Do you have a strong interest in computers? When you join the Navy you can put your expertise to good use on some of the most advanced software and hardware in the world. Imagine a position in which you do what you love while also helping your country.

Common jobs in the computer science field include: engineer, computer technician, and IT professional.

Information Technology

National security is very important to the Navy and the millions of people that they protect. As part of the information technology sector you will focus largely on all aspects of communication. From ensuring network security to maintaining systems for accurate results, you are handling many technical aspects on ships and bases all over the world.


Computer networks and telecommunications equipment is essential in keeping the Navy operating smoothly. As a professional in this field you will be responsible for maintaining, installing, and designing telecommunications systems. With a strong need for people in this field, you will have the ability to work at home and abroad.

If you have a passion for communications equipment you will love a job in this field.


This is considered by many to be one of the top sectors in the technology field. Your main responsibility is to translate and interpret foreign languages – but that is just part of your job. You will also spend your time dealing with data regarding enemies and communicating with Navy higher-ups.

No matter if you are working via telephone, radio, or computer, your job is very important to the Navy.

Information Warfare

When you join the Navy, protecting your country is job number one. As part of the Information Warfare team you will be doing your part in keeping the United States and its many citizens safe at all times. From uncovering threats to using many communication tools, you will stay busy day after day.

You will work side by side with others on your team, as well as top decision makers. In short, a job in Information Warfare is very exciting.


The Navy relies heavily on the Intelligence team. When it comes to devising strategies and carrying out operations, this community is called upon.

As part of this team you will have access to top secret data including everything from military strategy to international policy.

All of these job fields have one thing in common: you will be working in a “tech oriented” environment.

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