Prior Service

Military Prior Service Enlistment

After time spent in the Armed Forces, many soldiers like to think about their options for Military prior service enlistment after their contract expires. Many advantages and benefits are available to soldiers who do this, and they choose to advance or continue with military life for a variety of reasons, whether for additional benefits when they enter retirement or because they love their job. Many opportunities for Military prior service enlistment are provided, especially with programs being offered to those who qualify.

How do you qualify?

This answer varies between Armed Forces branches. Job training that you have already received might later affect the training you are looking for once you go through the re-enlisting process. Some jobs might not have openings, which can make it harder to fill. Re-taking the ASVAB might also be a possibility, as well as completing a physical.

Can you move to a different service?

Many of the branches will accept applications for soldiers who are re-enlisting from other branches, so your training and service record may affect any future movement. Any past training is taken into consideration when finding a new job or location, but it can also be possible that there are no openings in the area you are looking for. Military experience can help with an advantage in placement, but keep in mind that your prior training might not be available in the new branch.

Do you have to go through Basic Training again?

It can depend on a variety of factors. Many issues can have an effect on whether you will need to complete Basic Training for a second time. Moving to a new branch with a different job might make it more likely that you will need to go through Basic Training or Boot Camp again. Ask a recruiter to give you the details on entrance requirements when considering Military prior service enlistment.

Will you keep your pay?

This also depends on many reasons. The pay you receive could be similar to what you earned if you were re-enlisting with the same branch and job. Moving to another branch and career could cause your pay to be lower according to the pay scale, since you would be starting out.

Can you retain accrued military benefits?

Changing branches will not affect benefits. Any time spent in the US military is applied to future benefits, including health benefits, living benefits, retirement and the G.I. Bill requirements.
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