Personal Development in the Navy

Ask anyone in the Navy and they are sure to tell you that they have changed for the better since enlisting. As part of the Navy, you do more than work for and defend your country. You are also in position to develop as a person.

The individual growth that you experience as a Navy sailor is sure to help you achieve all your goals now and in the future.

Navy Core Values

Although you will grow in many ways as you continue your life as part of the Navy, there are three core values that you should focus on.


In the Navy’s words: “Bear true faith and allegiance.”

To achieve success in the Navy, you must be true to yourself as well as those around you. In short, this means acting with the highest level of honesty and integrity day after day. This is not always simple to do, but it is the Navy way.

It is an honor to serve your country alongside others who share your beliefs and goals.


In the Navy’s words: “Support and defend.”

Throughout your life you will learn that finding the courage to do the right thing is very difficult. As part of the Navy, you will learn how to do the right thing, at all times, while tackling any challenge that comes your way.

From field training to classroom training and everything in between, you will be prepared to act with courage while supporting and defending your country.

Even when times get tough and you are faced with great adversity, you will find the courage needed to push through.

This trait will serve you well during your stint in the Navy, as well as later in life.


In the Navy’s words: “Obey the orders.”

To be good at something you must be committed. This is one of the personal values that the Navy instills in each and every enlistee. From your commitment to the Navy

to your commitment to fellow sailors, it is important to devote yourself 100 percent to improving on both a personal and professional level.

The Navy doesn’t just teach you how to defend your country. When you spend time in this branch of the United States Military you will develop as a person by focusing on: honor, courage, and commitment.

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