Navy Uniform

Navy Uniforms

Navy Uniforms are the distinctive dress code of the naval force of any country. Such Navy Uniforms distinguish the group from other military groups and the civilians. The US Navy assigns different uniforms to the staff according to their rank, job assignment, weather conditions and other factors.

The Officers and Chief Petty Officers of the US Navy buy and maintain Navy Uniforms as required by the prescribing authority. The Chief of the Naval Operations approves the fabrics and advises use of the same in the manufacture of uniforms. Initial uniforms for the enlisted personnel (E6 and below)are from the Recruit Training Centre and the clothing articles have to confirm to DoD Directive 1338.5 and DoD Instruction 1338.18 (Armed Forces Clothing Monetary Allowance Policy and Procedures).

Commanding officers of the US Navy inspect the clothing of E1/E2/E3 personnel at regular intervals and those of E4/E5/E6 is subject to individual inspection. All the Navy Uniforms have to bear the following:

Stencil: Uniform components of E1 to E6 personnel shall have ownership markings as follows:

3/8th inch high-blocked letters marked in Black on white and White on Blue uniforms. Similarly, Black markings on Blue utility shirts and White on blue working jackets and utility trousers is necessary. The marking shall be the surname and last four digits of the personnel social security number.

Embroidery: ½ inch high-blocked letters on utility shirts, trousers and working jackets and ¾ inch on overalls is necessary. 1/4th inch name and insignia tape is as per the fabric and across the length of the pocket. Embroidery in Coveralls is in gold for officers and CPOs and in silver for E6 and below.

All naval personnel of the US Navy need to maintain neat and clean Navy Uniforms and wear their respective badges, decorations, ribbons and insignias as the case may be. There can be no transfer or exchange of the clothing without proper authorization. Navy women can wear certain men’s uniform items in case of non-availability.