Navy Seals

United States Navy Seals

United States Navy SEALs are one of the most elite groups in the US military, and offer some of the best incentives and benefits to new recruits and veterans of military service. Being able to go through the rigorous BUDs training not only forges a soldier into a stronger person physically, but the mental and emotional growth allows them to survive in many conditions.

The US Navy offers each enlisted personnel a variety of benefits in addition to a monthly salary. These can include:

• Education benefits
• 401-k style retirement benefits
• Life insurance
• Travel discounts
• Full medical insurance on personnel and their family
• Dental coverage

Aside from the pay and benefits, United States Navy SEALs are trained to execute a wide range of missions, even if they are helping other branches in operations. Once they finish training, they often participate in missions such as:

• Counterterrorism
• Unconventional warfare
• Civil Affairs Operations
• Special Reconnaissance
• Foreign Internal defense
• Direct Action

Trained to partake in operations in all environments like sea, air and land, Navy SEALs are able to complete missions whether they find themselves in freezing snows, scorching deserts or marine environments. When large forces carrying tanks, jets or submarines cannot complete a mission, the US Navy SEALs are ordered to go in and get the job done.

To become a United States Navy SEAL, you must be take the ASVAB and undergo physical screening testing, in addition to meeting vision and age requirements. SEAL applications are accepted for men who are 28 years old or less, but anyone 29-30 may request a waiver to join. Not all requests are approved however, and reviewed case-by case. For more information about the Navy SEAL program, visit your local Navy recruiter.

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