Navy Reserve Chaplain – Providing Spiritual Assistance

Are you interested in serving your country and God at the same time? Doing so is possible when you become a Chaplain in the Navy Reserve. This gives you the opportunity to provide spiritual assistance to those serving in the military as well as their family members and others throughout the world.

Join the Navy Reserve today to become a Chaplain.

During your time in the Navy Reserve, you will live, work and pray with other sailors. This gives you the chance to realize their challenges and needs, while helping them from a spiritual point of view.

No matter if you are offering personal advice, spiritual guidance or some other sort of direction, as a Chaplain you have the ability to change lives for the better – day after day.

Some of your many responsibilities as a Chaplain include:

  • Conducting worship services
  • Performing religious ceremonies ranging from baptisms to weddings to funeral services
  • Counsel sailors and their families as they seek guidance
  • Visit with the injured and provide spiritual guidance in hospital settings
  • Promote attendance at religious events

Your responsibilities as a Chaplain are carried out only during training periods and drilling. Just like other members of the Navy Reserve, you are not a full-time sailor. However, any time you spend offering spiritual guidance is well worth it to you and those around you.

Chaplain Qualifications

Qualifications vary based on whether you are serving now, have served in the past, or have never served before. Navy Reserve Chaplain eligibility requirements include:

  • Ability to complete at least 20 years of service before reaching age 62
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A graduate degree in theology or a related field of study
  • The endorsement of a DoD registered religious organization

As a Chaplain in the Navy Reserve you can change lives while serving your country.

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  1. Benamin Clottey  February 12, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    I’m very much interested in the chaplain and have got the qualifications. What should i

    do to get recruited?

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