Navy News Roundup

The United States Navy knows no limit. Day after day, the Navy does its job in protecting the country and making it better for millions upon millions of people.

With many Navy news stories being published every day, it is difficult to stay current. This holds true no matter if you are part of the Navy or simply interested in joining this military branch in the future.

Recent Navy News Stories

Over the past couple of weeks, several important Navy news stories have been circulated around the web.

1. New commander takes charge of SEALs.  Rear Adm. Sean Pybus took over command of the SEALs, replacing Rear Adm. Edward Winters III. Pybus is a veteran SEAL officer with many years of experience.

2. Navy gets OK to sink ships for targets in Gulf of Alaska. The Navy has gained permission to sink as many as two ships per year so that pilots have “real targets” for practice. Although the Navy has yet to decide on an area to conduct these exercises, they are focusing strongly on an area southeast of the Kenai Peninsula.

3. Texan takes spot among 1st women on U.S. subs. Beginning in late 2011, a small number of female officers will join the Navy submarine force. This is one of the last gender related issues in the United States military. The first group of 24 women will be stationed on four submarines.

These Navy news stories are sure to be followed by many others in the days to come. In the meantime, browse our site for updated information on all aspects of the Navy.

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