Job Description:

The Sailors in the religion occupational specialty provide support to Navy chaplains and develop programs to meet the needs of the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and their families. The Sailors in this field assist in providing moral, spiritual, and emotional support and guidance for Sailors throughout the fleet. If you’re resourceful and have an interest in working with and helping people, the religion career field could be the place for you.  

What Will You Do?

You might find yourself at a Naval base, in a hospital, aboard a ship, or in the field with Marines. Some of your other daily activities might be to:
  • Support clergy of all faiths and set up religious activities
  • Maintain records, ecclesiastical documents, and references for various faith groups
  • Operate, manage, and maintain religious ministry facilities afloat and ashore
  • Assist in the preparation of devotional and religious educational materials and audiovisual displays

Earn College Credits

The training you’ll receive in this field translates directly toward credit hours for a vocational certificate or a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. You’ll become familiar with religious studies and expeditionary skills training.

Career Outlook

The religious community is a high-profile specialty career field that is a unique blend of religious services and personal protection and security for Navy chaplains. In addition to the excellent opportunities this training prepares you for in religious and administrative positions in the civilian world, it also offers you the chance to see many places and meet many people you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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