Job Description:

As an instrumentalist or vocalist in the Navy, you could perform in many different bands at the most elaborate venues, such as presidential inaugurations, special celebrations for foreign dignitaries, international parades, and even live TV and radio broadcasts. Surround yourself with some of the world’s finest talent and gain international exposure at the same time.

What Will You Do?

Whether you are assigned to the U.S. Navy Band in Washington, D.C., the band at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, or one of the Navy’s fleet bands, the music field in the Navy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in the company of talented individuals like yourself. Navy musicians set the standard for musical excellence, and they perform many musical styles. For instance, styles can range from Broadway to big band, jazz to contemporary rock, country/western to baroque. As part of this occupational specialty, you might:
  • Perform as a member of marching, concert, stage, or dance bands and combos, in styles including jazz, rock, soul, pop, country/western, and bluegrass
  • Conduct, rehearse, and perform in these groups for radio, TV and stage
  • Compose, transcribe, and arrange music for all types of ensembles
  • Give concerts and provide music for military ceremonies, religious services, parades and social occasions
  • Perform for Navy personnel and their families, for the general public, and at diplomatic functions

Skills and Training

The music field in the Navy offers you the best of both worlds — a chance to travel internationally while best utilizing your talents. Not only will you fine-tune your skills among an elite group, private instruction is also available. Positions in this field are very limited, and qualified applicants must demonstrate a high level of musical skill and knowledge prior to being accepted. Your training may well prepare you for a future career such as:
  • Musician
  • Conductor
  • Composer
  • Vocalist
  • Arranger

Earn College Credits

Following recruit training, you will be assigned to the Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek, Va., where you will be provided with expert training at a college-accredited institution. College credit may be awarded for courses taken in music theory, conducting, marching, and concert band.

Career Outlook

Career opportunities are endless with the experience and exposure you could gain in the Navy music field. Whether you fine-tune your instrumental or vocal talents, the skills you acquire in the Navy are sought after in both civilian and military fields.

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