Food, Restaurant & Lodging

Job Description:

Four months ago you were preparing omelettes for 350 Sailors aboard a destroyer; today you’re putting the final touches on smoked salmon with a peppercorn crust for 350 guests at the White House. If you have a taste for the culinary arts, along with excellent organizational and people skills, then the Navy restaurant and lodging community is the career field for you.

What Will You Do?

Perhaps you’ll find yourself preparing a gourmet meal for the prime minister of Italy. Or maybe you’ll gather your crew on the ship’s flight deck for an underway barbecue known as a “steel beach picnic.” Other duties as a member of the restaurant and lodging community might be to:
  • Prepare meals for dignitaries and other distinguished guests when visiting other countries
  • Serve as a culinary specialist on the Admirals’ staff or for the commanding Officer aboard ship or at shore station
  • Prepare menus, keep records and financial budgets for food supplies
  • Operate kitchen and dining facilities (also known as galleys)
  • Operate and manage living quarters aboard ship, on a submarine, or at shore-based motel/hotel-type quarters

Skills and Training

You will learn many other skills in addition to culinary arts. Sailors in this specialty receive both hands-on and classroom training in areas such as nutrition, dining and entertainment services, as well as teamwork. Because of the Navy’s need for detail-minded, people-oriented professionals with a love for the art of cooking, the opportunity for placement in this field is excellent. The training and experience you’ll receive in this occupational specialty might prepare you for future careers as a:
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Restaurant or Hotel Manager
  • Night Club Manager
  • Hotel and Food Management Service
  • Lodging Facilities Manager
  • Chef
  • Caterer
  • Cook
  • Banquet Planner

Earn College Credits

Some of your formal and on-the-job training will transfer to college credit hours you can use toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The Navy also offers advanced technical and operational training during later stages of career development.

Career Outlook

Culinary arts is one of the most specialized traditional trades in the world. Learning these skills, along with others in the restaurant and lodging field, will provide you with the training you can take with you anywhere in the world — whether in or out of the Navy!

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