Finance & Accounting

Job Description:

Sailors in the finance and accounting field handle the Navy’s pay and banking needs, and operate shipboard stores. They also maintain small retail operations aboard ships such as vending machines and video game machines. If you’re reliable, have leadership qualities, and enjoy positions with a high level of responsibility, a field in finance and accounting could accelerate your future.

What Will You Do?

You could handle the payroll and other accounting data for an entire ship’s crew or specialize in inventory and retail-sales tracking software. As part of this occupational specialty, you might:
  • Prepare payroll
  • Pay travel expenses
  • Handle cash sales and transactions
  • Maintain ATMs aboard ships
  • Operate Navy post offices
  • Maintain security for registered, certified, and special classes of mail
  • Order supplies
  • Monitor stock levels for a ship’s stores
  • Keep inventory records

Skills and Training

Experience in this field can provide hands-on training in small business management, cash handling, retail and marketing, accounting, inventory control, and customer service. Your training may also prepare you for future careers as a:
  • Retail Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Government Service Post Office Clerk
  • Barber
  • Stock Control Supervisor
  • Storekeeper

Earn College Credits

Much of the training in this field qualifies for college credit. Advanced technical and operational training is available in retail management or banking/auditing. If you enjoy math, you could be well suited for the finance and accounting field. This is a great opportunity to fine-tune your math and accounting skills, including banking, bookkeeping, and auditing.

Career Outlook

Jobs in finance and accounting are in high demand in both the civilian and military communities. From banking and cash handling to retail opportunities and postal operations, you could become prepared for many different career fields.

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