Job Description:

The world’s most advanced ships, subs, aircraft, and weapon systems could not operate without intricate and complex electronic systems. The Navy electronics field is composed of men and women who install and maintain many of these electronic systems to keep the fleet fully operational.

What Will You Do?

Electronics are found in virtually every environment in which the Navy operates. You could repair and ride in many of the Navy’s machines, including helicopters (for Naval Aircrewmen), submarines, surface ships, and landing craft. This field contains a vast array of jobs, from encoding and decoding messages between ships to employing the latest test and repair equipment on Navy aircraft just before takeoff. As a Sailor in this community, you may also:
  • Provide communications support to the fleet
  • Provide technical support to deployed units
  • Control and operate communications systems
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on state-of-the-art electromechanical equipment and systems
  • Repair and calibrate a wide variety of precision electronic equipment
  • Collect and analyze communications and noncommunications systems
  • Test, install, and maintain a wide range of aircraft instruments and electrical equipment, including generators, motors, and lighting systems
  • Encode and decode messages
  • Perform maintenance on and assemble mines
  • Operate various types of mine-handling equipment
  • Operate, maintain, and repair electronic equipment associated with submarine weapons systems
  • Work with complex electronic, electrical, and mechanical equipment to ensure the accuracy of Navy guided missiles and torpedoes
  • Utilize computer databases to analyze electronic intelligence
  • Employ all the latest test equipment and procedures to repair aviation systems
  • Maintain ballistic missiles and their launching systems
  • Test and repair ballistic guidance systems
  • Test, align, adjust, and repair missiles and their components

Skills and Training

The Navy is the leader in the highly technical field of electronics. Enlistees are taught the fundamentals of electronics through extensive on-the-job training, along with formal Navy schooling. You could also receive extensive training in the operation of communications systems and in the installation, upkeep, and repair of highly sophisticated, computerized equipment and systems. Your extensive training might also prepare you for a future career as a:
  • Computer Programmer
  • Mechanic (radio, electronics, airplane)
  • Electronics Technician
  • Electrical Instrument Repair Technician
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • Technical Writer
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Rocket Engine Component Mechanic
  • Electronic Intelligence Operations Specialist

Earn College Credits

You’ll have the opportunity for continued education through various college and tuition assistance programs. Plus, the advanced technical and specific operational training you’ll receive in this field translates directly to credit hours at the bachelor’s and associate’s degree levels.

Career Outlook

Electronics is an immense and growing career field with many job opportunities. In the Navy, you’ll learn teamwork, attention to detail, and leadership, along with computer and electronics operation and repair skills that transfer directly to the civilian job market.

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    i would like to join american navy how can i be assisted?im from kenya nairobi.

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