Job Description:

With thousands of specialties, the Navy needs access to a fleet of teachers and instructors. To meet these needs, the Navy draws from its own ranks to teach, mentor, and instruct in a variety of specialty areas. The Navy’s specialized jobs and careers, unique working environments, and on-the-job training require the “Sailors teaching Sailors” approach that has been a Navy success story for years. If you’re interested in teaching and sharing your specialized knowledge and intelligence with others, the Navy may have a career path for you in the education field once you’ve achieved a bit of seniority in the Navy.

What Will You Do?

As part of the education community, you might share your knowledge in topics such as the safe operation and handling of SCUBA equipment or aircrew survival gear. Or you might instruct your fellow Sailors in marksmanship, handling, and safety procedures for small arms and other weapons. As part of this occupational specialty, you might:
  • Provide hands-on, classroom, or group training to your fellow Sailors
  • Provide Sailors with information, advice, and assistance in any number of areas or topics
  • Oversee advancement requirements of junior personnel
  • Instruct personnel on Navy policies, procedures, and safety requirements
  • Work in the Navy areas of recruiting or career counseling

Skills and Training

Individuals in the education field often receive advanced training in their career specialty in order to share this knowledge with others. In addition, you could receive training in presentation skills, oral communication, and other training techniques. Your training may also prepare you for the following future civilian careers:
  • Career Counselor
  • Recruiter
  • Teacher

Earn College Credits

Most of the training in the education field comes in the form of advanced training in a Sailor’s designated career field. Training in the Navy career counselor and recruiter fields may also be available. Much of this training directly translates to credit at colleges and universities. You may have the opportunity to continue your education through various college and tuition assistance programs.

Career Outlook

All organizations, whether military or civilian, look for leaders who have great communication skills and who strive to share their knowledge with others. The written, oral, and presentation skills you will adopt in the Navy education field are sought after by employers in all civilian career fields.

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