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Job Description:

Spain, Italy, Iceland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, or Hawaii …where would you most like to show off your creative talents? The world is your audience in the arts and photography career field. Whether your interest lies in photography, writing, illustration, or design, this area of the Navy has long been regarded as an elite group.

What Will You Do?

You might operate state-of-the-art photography equipment for an important news conference, create graphics for a high-profile Pentagon presentation, or design layouts for a Navy newspaper or magazine. As part of this occupational specialty, you may also:

  • Serve as one of the Navy’s professional photographers
  • Cover troops in the field as a Combat Cameraman
  • Operate premier, state-of-the-art photography and video equipment
  • Prepare illustrations, original art, and graphics using various art media including pencil, pen, airbrush, inks, and paints
  • Assist Public Affairs officers in preparing for media briefings.
  • Operate personal computer/desktop publishing systems
  • Operate printing presses

Skills and Training

For those showing the right level of talent and motivation, there’s also a large amount of additional training available in this field.

Your training may also prepare you for the following future civilian careers:
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Motion Camera Operator
  • Photojournalist
  • Reporter
  • Film Editor
  • Offset Press Operator
  • Illustrator
  • Designer
  • Art Director

Earn College Credits

Most training in this field translates directly to college credits in the liberal arts department at most colleges and universities. Advanced technical and operational training may be available for selected disciplines in this field. This is a fantastic opportunity to fine-tune your talents while getting local, national and international exposure.

Career Outlook

Advanced career opportunities are endless with the experience you could gain in the Navy arts and photography field. Whether your talents lead you to becoming a photographer, journalist, or illustrator, the skills you acquire in the Navy will be respected and sought after in both civilian and military organizations.

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