National Guard

United States National Guard

One of the most exceptional armed force units in the United States, the National Guard is hard at work engaging in missions that protect citizens at both federal and state levels. To countless Americans, the ability to serve part time to obtain benefits and salary pay is ideal, while also simultaneously living a civilian life.

The Army National Guard is one of three branches within the United States Army besides the Active Army and the Army Reserve. The key intention of being a Guardsman is the ability to be a civilian and still serve the United States on a part-time basis. Assigned missions to a Guardsman can range from assignments at federal, state or community levels.

How frequently do Guardsmen assemble? Usually, units gather one weekend per month and two weeks during the summer. Every state has its own National Guard, which also means they can take orders from the President of the United States as well as their state’s Governor. A Guardsman may be called overseas to assist in federal missions, or they can help with domestic issues like natural disasters and civil disturbances.

There is a wide range of benefits that a National Guard soldier is eligible for, as well as a monthly take-home pay for part-time service. In addition to earnings, bonuses and incentives are available that can boost the sum of money recruits receive.

Other benefits include:

• Retirement plans
• Funding for an advanced education
• Health care and Life insurance
• Free travel on military aircraft
• Base privileges
• VA Home Loans- No/Minimum down payment for purchases or refinancing

The United States National Guard is unique in that it can offer comparable benefits to those of an Active Duty soldier, but still allows them to serve part time in order to go to school or advance in a career.