Key Questions To Ask Your Navy Recruiter

Whether you're in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, you need to use the following tips to find success after basic training. Do your homework and be prepared when sitting down with your Navy recruiter. It's your career and likely one of the most important decisions that you'll make in your life.

What’s it take to Be successful after your Navy basic training? Becoming successful once you get out of Navy basic training isn’t rocket science, unless that’s your career path. Instead, it just takes a certain level of discipline and knowledge to advance through the ranks of the military. Be sure and be prepared to ask your Navy recruiter the right questions when you meet.

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Whether you’re in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, you need to use the following tips to find success after basic training.

Stay Alert

Your Navy job is a full time job with plenty of overtime, even when you’re clocked out. You cannot do the same things as a civilian can and keep your job. Staying cool-headed during conflict and watching what you say and do is very important. You cannot get in trouble with the law or with something that seems simple, such as a bar room brawl. It’s also important to avoid debt as it can cause other issues in your life and military career.

Follow your Orders

Just as you were taught to follow orders in basic training, you need to follow orders when it comes to your navy career training Even if the orders go against what you were taught in basic training, you need to follow them. Not all things taught in basic training will resemble what happens outside of this training.

You Wear the Uniform Always

Even when you’re not in a military uniform, you are still wearing it. You have to be careful as anything you do outside of your job can still reflect badly on your commanding officers. This can cause issues if you don’t stay sober, avoid conflict and ensure you are always covered when writing checks or paying for things.

Become Accepting and Forgiving

Boot camp will teach you to work as a team, but you also need to continue to accept others outside of this basic training. There will be people you don’t agree with and some you may not even like. Even so, you still need to get along with them and work with them. Make sure you’re accepting and forgiving, as others will have to be the same with you, too.

Avoid the Gossip

All workplaces have a rumor mill, even the military. However, this isn’t something you want to participate in at all. Avoiding work place gossip is one of the best things you can do. The last thing you need is to be blamed for spreading a rumor that’s not true or to become a part of one you shouldn’t be a part of. The best course of action is simply avoiding the gossip.

Don’t Become a Yes-Man

It may seem easy to become a yes-man, but this is a temptation you want to resist. While you want to obey orders, you also want to be a responsible serviceperson. You want to do your duties within the time frame you are given, but you don’t need to feel like every favor asked of you is your responsibility.

Those further up the chain of command understand the difference between a good service person and a pushover. Make sure you avoid the pushover category and you’ll be in much better shape. Getting the most out of your military career after basic training requires discipline and hard work. However, you can advance as far as you want, if you put your mind to it and follow these tips.

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