Is Navy Federal Credit Union the Right Choice?

If you're in the military, you don't have to use Navy Federal Credit Union, but you should. It's convenient, provides great products and gives you plenty of benefits.

Do you use the Navy Federal Credit Union? If so, are you enjoying all the benefits? If you’re in the military or you’re a veteran, so you think you must use Navy Federal Credit Union. Maybe you think it’s just for those people in the Navy. While it has “Navy” in the name, it’s not just for those service members in the Navy.

As a military member or veteran, you gain many benefits and one of them is access to use certain financial institutions. Navy Federal Credit Union is one of those financial institutions. Here’s why you should choose this credit union over other options for your financial needs.

World’s Largest Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is the largest in the world with $46 billion in assets and closing in on 4 million members. They get thousands of new customers every week and checking accounts have been on the rise for many years.

Some believe credit unions are growing due to distrust for banks. With Navy Federal Credit Union available to all military members and veterans, it becomes a great option in lieu of the major banks.

Benefits for Members

When you become a member of Navy FCU, you’ll gain access to a ton of benefits. Low rates, plenty of products and exceptional service all provide just what you need. They even have experience helping with those in ROTC, service members deployed, relocation and so much more. Since they work with military members often, they know how to help you, too.

How About Convenience?

You gain many ways to bank with Navy Federal Credit Union. They provide you with access online, through your mobile device, at the ATM or in person. With so many ways to bank and branched all across the United States, it’s always convenient when you bank with Navy FCU. In fact, they have 295 locations across 33 states and even when there isn’t a branch nearby, they provide many free ATMs you can use.

Navy Federal Member Discounts and Offers

Not only will Navy FCU help with your banking, but they will also provide member-exclusive offers and discounts you can take advantage of. Whether it’s on auto insurance, theme park admission, car rentals or even credit monitoring, you’ll gain access to many discounts through Navy FCU.

If you’re in the military, you don’t have to use Navy Federal Credit Union, but you should. It’s convenient, provides great products and gives you plenty of benefits.

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