How to Work in Navy Finance and Accounting

While the adventure of being a sailor in the United States Navy might draw you to joining in the first place, the Navy is an employer. You will be paid for the work you complete in the defense of the nation. This is a huge undertaking because on an aircraft carrier it can amount to paying out over $2,000,000 every two weeks. The job of those in finance and accounting in the US Navy is to make sure everyone gets paid and that they will have access to all of the things they would like to buy.

Duties and Responsibilities

The job of those in finance and accounting goes well beyond just making sure people are getting paid. You will also have to complete such tasks as making sure the vending machines and stores aboard ships are stocked and operating properly at all times. These are important because they keep up sailor morale.

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Career with a Future

No matter where your career will take you there will be a need to pay the employees. There will also be a need to make sure everyone is receiving the motivation they need to complete their mission. You will learn the skills necessary to keep everyone in your organization motivated and with the right compensation in their hands.

Your training will give you the ability to step into any management position with a high degree of success. To learn more about your career in the US Navy, click on the link above.

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  1. abe nalaboff  January 6, 2017 at 10:24 am

    where can I get employment with the usnavy outside usa?

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