How To Find Military Friendly Colleges For Veterans

Military veterans are important as their college education. Veterans finding a military friendly college is an absolute must with so many 'for profit' colleges who are way to willing just to take their money and run.

If you’re currently serving in the military or a military veteran and want to continue your education, military friendly colleges are a must! However, how do find military friendly colleges? Use these tips to make sure you’re getting your degree from an educational institution that’s used to working with service members and veterans to ensure you’re maximizing your education benefits.

Step 1: Contact Your Base Or Post Education Office

Do you know where your base or post education office is? Do you know what kind of valuable services they can offer? Here, you’ll find education counselors from a number of different schools. It’s not uncommon for some of the schools to be local to your region, but it’s also possible to find schools with national reputations for being military friendly colleges.

Whether you’re planning on going to school for your associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees, meeting with a counselor at the education office is the right first step to take.

Step 2: Talk To Coworkers

If any of your coworkers are going back to school, ask them where they’re going and whether the school is military friendly. You’ll want to make sure that instructors are accommodating if you’re deployed, especially if you need to leave unexpectedly.

Step #3: Call Colleges Near Your Post Or Base

Even if they don’t have a presence at your education office, local colleges near a post or base typically have reputations for being military friendly colleges. These schools will likely have a large military student population, which means they’ll be used to working with the Department of Veterans Affairs or an individual service’s Tuition Assistance program. This helps cut down on the amount of time spent making sure that your paperwork was submitted properly. After all, you’re supposed to be in class, not chasing down paperwork!

Step #4: Ask If The College Has An Office For Veterans

If you’re not attending a school near a military base or post, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time finding military friendly colleges. Some larger schools and even small ones may have an administrative office that’s dedicated to helping veterans get a degree. These offices will often delay tuition deadlines to accommodate for any lags when using the GI Bill. Some may even allow students to buy books on an interest free credit card so that students don’t need to wait for the money from their book stipend to be deposited in their account. While these may seem like small conveniences, they all add up when dealing with military friendly colleges.

Step #5: Watch Out For Schools That Label Themselves Military Friendly Colleges Without Proof

With the popularity of the expanded Post 9/11 GI Bill, some schools are labeling themselves as military friendly colleges to attract veterans and service members. While it’s possible that the school has an office to help veterans, realize that there’s no actual certification or accreditation that schools need to achieve that label. Instead, these schools may be trying to fraudulently attract veterans to boost enrollment and take advantage of the GI Bill benefits. While this is rare, it’s important to research your school just to make sure you’re dealing with a school that’s completely legitimate.

Going back to school is a smart idea, whether you’re doing it while on active duty or after you’ve separated (take full advantage of that GI Bill!). However, make sure that you’re only considering military friendly colleges so you can maximize your benefits and get the education you deserve!

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