Exciting Career as an EOD Technician

Explosives pose a huge problem for the United States Navy. These explosives can be found in a variety of places. They can be placed on board vessels in sabotage attempts. They can also be found underwater like in water mines. It is essential these explosive devices can be disarmed and disposed of before they can cause any kind of damage to the vessel or other US Navy vessels.

Hazard Pay

Most any career in the United States Navy which is dangerous in nature will include hazard pay. This is an additional to the regular salary you will enjoy while you are in the US Navy for the

rank that you are currently at. The pay is given because you are more at risk because of the dangerous nature of working with explosives of any kind. The good news is you will be given extensive training to help make sure that you will stay as safe as possible.

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Important Training

The training you will receive in the US Navy will help to make sure that you understand the work that you are doing. Because the nature of bombs and bomb materials are constantly changing you will be given on-going training. You will learn to handle dangerous bombs which are designed to be difficult to diffuse. This way you will stay as safe as possible while you are protecting the Navy. Click on the link above to find out how to get started in this career.

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