Women in the Navy

The US Navy gives women many opportunities to serve their country, pursue careers in the military, and develop skills that they can use after leaving service. There are, however, some restrictions and special arrangements for women in the Navy. It is important for women to understand their opportunities and legally enforced limitations before completing the recruitment process.

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Careers for Women in the Navy

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Women can pursue just about any job position in the Navy. In the past, many organizations have divided jobs into those suitable for either men or women. The US Navy provides equal opportunities for any sailor willing to devote himself or herself to developing excellent skills, living by a code of honor, and following orders.

Some Navy careers women might pursue include:

  • Navy Diver – Women serving as Navy divers perform extensive underwater work such as disposing of explosive devices, repairing docks, and retrieving salvage.
  • Aviation Rescue Swimmer – Aviation rescue swimmers often work in dangerous environments where they must rescue military personnel on land or water.
  • Electronics Technician – Women working as electronics technicians learn pertinent skills that allow the military to function efficiently. These skills are easily transferable to the private sector.
  • Naval Aviator – Women who pass extensive training and testing can become naval aviators in the Navy. This is a highly respected position within the military.

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Restrictions for Women in the Navy

By law, the US Navy has to enforce some restrictions that prevent women from holding certain military positions. Women are not allowed to join Navy SEAL or Navy SWCC teams.

Women are also restricted from holding enlisted positions on submarines. This is because the small environments limit the Navy’s ability to provide privacy and separate quarters for women.

Training and Living Arrangements for Women

Women must complete the same training as men in the Navy. There are some considerations made for women, though. Female sailors, for instance, can wear their hair longer than men as long as the hairstyle is easy to maintain and does not prevent them from performing their duties.

Women are given separate living quarters from men.

Compensation for Women in the Navy

Since the Navy compensates sailors according to their rank and length of service, there is no pay discrimination between men and women. Regardless of a person’s sex, he or she receives Navy pay and benefits based on a rigid schedule. While each individual’s dedication and abilities will impact his or her ability to reach higher ranks, promotions are not limited to men.

Women are free to explore any career path within the US Navy as long as that path does not break established laws.

Benefits for Females in the Navy

Many women find that the training and opportunities they receive in the US Navy makes them feel empowered. This not only helps them pursue careers in the military, but can also improve their confidence levels so that they can build fulfilling careers after leaving service to work in the civilian world.

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  1. riccy diaz  November 28, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    My name is Riccy Diaz, I just have my GED diploma I want to join the navy and I want to know if because I’m a women I can’t go to the war.

  2. Amy forsythe  March 14, 2013 at 8:10 am

    What r height/weight restrictions for women?

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